Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guillaume Seignac The Wave painting

Guillaume Seignac The Wave painting
William Bouguereau The Rapture of Psyche painting
you so much pleasure, I do not mind giving the cow for the horse."
Hans agreed with the greatest delight, the countryman jumped upon the horse, and rode quickly away.
Hans drove his cow quietly before him, and thought over his lucky bargain. "If only I have a morsel of bread - and that can hardly fail me - I can eat butter and cheese with it as often as I like, if I am thirsty, I can milk my cow and drink the milk. My goodness, what more can I want."
When he came to an inn he made a halt, and in his great concern ate up what he had with him - his dinner and supper - and all he had, and with his last few farthings had half a glass of beer. Then he drove his cow onwards along the road to his mother's village.

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