Friday, May 22, 2009

Andy Warhol daisy 1982

Andy Warhol daisy 1982Andy Warhol Camouflage green yellow whiteAndy Warhol Brooklyn Bridge
the bench was an oblong of card which looked just the right shape to go in the slot. It had round holes punched in it.
There were two round holes, then a whole pattern of round holes, and then a further two holes. On it, in pencil, someone had scribbled '2'Oh, no. Not individual ants . . . it's a bit hard to explain . . . the holes in the cards, you see, block up some tubes and let them through others and . . .' Ponder sighed, 'we think it might be able to do other things.'
'Like what?' Ridcully demanded. x 2'.Ridcully was the kind of man who'd push any lever, just to see what it did.He put the card in the obvious slot . . .There was an immediate change in the rustling. Ants trailed in their busy way through the tubing. Some of them appeared to be carrying seeds . . .There was a small dull sound and a card dropped out of the other end of the glass maze.It had four holes in it.Ridcully was still staring at it when Ponder came up behind him, rubbing his eyes.''S our ant counter,' he said.'Two plus two equals four,' said Ridcully. 'Well, well, I never knew that.''It can do other sums as well.''You tellin' me ants can count?'

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jack Vettriano A Voyage Of Discovery

Jack Vettriano A Voyage Of DiscoveryJack Vettriano a very married WomanJack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach
you're somersaulting over their heads, Runes, don't think I didn't notice that little display, I was frankly disgusted. The poor Bursar has had to have a lie down. Dancing is . . . round in circles, don'tcherknow, Maypoles and suchlike, healthy reels, perhaps a little light ballroom . . . not swinging people round like a dwarf with a battleaxe (mind you salt of the earth a kind of groove between their rooms and the dining table. But they were feeling strange.
'mumblemumbledon'tseewhymumble,' mumbled the Dean.
He said, much later on, on the day when the music died, that it must have been because he'd never been really young, or at least young while just being old enough to know he was young. Like most wizards, he'd begun his training while still so small that the official pointy dwarfs I've always said so). Do I make myself clear?''mumblemumblemumbleeveryonewasdoingitmumble,' said the Dean, still looking at the floor.'I never thought I'd say this to any wizard over the age of eighteen, but you're all gated until further notice!' shouted Ridcully.Being confined to the campus was not much of a punishment. The wizards usually distrusted any air that hadn't hung around indoors for a while, and mostly lived in

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jack Vettriano Devotion

Jack Vettriano DevotionJack Vettriano Devotion IIJack Vettriano Defending Champions
wasn't just the leather jerkin. It wasn't just the wristbands with studs. It wasn't just the broadsword. It wasn't just the helmet with the spikes. It was the leather and the studs and the sword and the helmet. This customer couldn't possibly be in categories one or two‘I wants one.'
As for category three, he didn't look like someone used to bothering with chocolates or roses. Or even 'hello'.
'Er . . .' Blert grabbed one at random and held it out in front of him. 'One like this?'
'I wants one that goes blam‑Blam‑blamma‑BLAM‑blammmm­ooohieeee. Y'know?'
Blert looked down at the guitar. 'I'm not sure it does that,' he said.
Two enormous black‑nailed hands took it out of his grasp.
'Er, you're holding it wro–', Blert decided.The figure stood, looking uncertain, hands gripping convulsively, clearly not at home in a dialogue situation.'This a guitar shop?' it said.Blert looked around at the merchandise hanging from walls and ceiling.'Er. Yes?' he said.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Francisco de Goya Nude Maja

Francisco de Goya Nude MajaFrancisco de Goya Clothed MajaEdgar Degas The RehearsalEdgar Degas The Bellelli Family
badly aimed missiles, or hadn't had a fight all day, or were just trying to reach the door.
Susan had no difficulty in spotting Imp y Celyn. He was at the front of the stage, his face a mask of terror. Behind him was a troll, with a dwarf trying to hide behind it.
She glanced at the hourglass. Just a few more seconds . . .
He was really rather attractive, in a dark, curly­headed something like: except for the taste, weren't you?' said Susan.
'Negger grossed by bind,' said the raven indistinctly.
'Leg go ogg by beak glease?'
Susan released her grip.was a busy shuttle service operating.
After a minute or two one of the women trotted
her horse over to Susan and pulled a scroll of parchment out of her breastplate.
'What ho! Says here Volf,' she said

Friday, May 8, 2009

Henri Matisse Odalisque

Henri Matisse OdalisqueHenri Matisse MusicHenri Matisse Le bonheur de vivreGeorges Seurat The Circus
was indeed a river, according to legend, one drop of which would rob a man of his memory.
Many people assumed that this was the river Ankh, whose waters can be drunk or even cut up and chewed. A drink from the Ankh would quite probably rob a man of his memory, or at least cause things to happen to him that he would on no account wish to recall.
In fact there was another river that would do the trick. There was, of course, a snag. No‑one knows where it is, because 'But maybe we shallll be ablle to pay when we've earned some,' said Imp weakly. 'If you could just, you know, llet us have a week or two–’
'Can't let you play anywhere without you being members of the Guild,' said Mr Clete.
'But we can't be members of the Guild until we've played,' said Glod.they're always pretty thirsty when they find it.Death turned his attention elsewhere.'Seventy‑five dollllars?' said Imp. 'Just to pllay music?''That's twenty‑five dollars registration fee, twenty per cent of fees, and fifteen dollars voluntary compulsory annual subscription to the Pension Fund,' said Mr Clete, secretary of the Guild.'But we haven't got that much money!'The man gave a shrug which indicated that, although the world did indeed have many problems, this was one of them that was not his.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Frida Kahlo Self Portrait with Small Monkey

Frida Kahlo Self Portrait with Small MonkeyFrida Kahlo Portrait of Christina My SisterFrida Kahlo Fulang Chang and I
eyes. And growled.It dawned on the smarter Assassins that there was nothing in their armoury that could kill a troll. They had fine stiletto knives, but they needed sledgehammers.They had darts armed with exquisite poisons, none oThere was a long dangerous moment, and then another dink.
'Thank you, Acting-Constable. You'll escort Mr Vimes to the University.' Carrot looked around at the Assassins. 'Good afternoon, gentlemen. We may be back.'
The three Watchmen stepped over the wreckage.
Vimes said nothing until they were well out in the street, and then he turned to Carrot.
'Why did he call you—'
'If you'll excuse me, I'll take her back to the Watch House.'
Vimes looked down at Angua's corpse and felt a train of thought derail itself. Some things f which worked on a troll. No-one had ever thought trolls were important enough to be assassinated. Suddenly, Detritus was very important indeed. He had Cuddy's axe in one hand and his mighty crossbow in the other.Some of the brighter Assassins turned and

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Andrew Atroshenko Just for Love

Andrew Atroshenko Just for LoveEdward Hopper Two on the AisleEdward Hopper Corn Hill Truro Cape CodEdward Hopper Bridle Path
all in a line. Each one with its lead slug and charge of No.1 powder, delivered into the gonne like crossbow bolts. He wondered how longof legs.
Angua was at bay in a ring of teeth.
The barking stopped. A couple of large dogs moved aside, and Big Fido stepped delicately forward.
'So,' he said, 'what we have here is not a dog at all. A spy, perhaps? There's always an enemy. Everywhere. They look like dogs but, inside, they're not dogs. What were you doing?'
Angua growled. it'd take to put in another six . . .But we've got him where we want him! There's only one way down out of the Tower!Yep, we might be sitting out here in the open with him shooting lead pellets at us, but we've got him just where we want him! Wheezing and farting nervously, Gaspode moved at a shambling run through the Shades and saw, with a heart that sank even further, a knot of dogs ahead of him.He pushed and squirmed through the tangle

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Andrea Mantegna The Madonna of the Cherubim

Andrea Mantegna The Madonna of the CherubimAndrea Mantegna The Adoration of the ShepherdsAndrea Mantegna St GeorgeThomas Moran Zion Valley, South Utah
corner she saw Dr Cruces emerge, his face suffused with rage.
'Mr Downey?'
A white-haired Assassin drew himself to attention.
'I want him found!'
'Yes, doctor—'
'In fact I want him There was a cough behind the chief Assassin. Dr Whiteface had emerged from the room.
Ah, doctor,' said Dr Cruces. 'I think perhaps we'd better go and discuss this further in my study, yes?'
'I really am most terribly sorry, my lord—'
'Don't mention it. The little . . . devil has made us both 2.80 look linhumed! With Extreme Impoliteness! And I'm setting the fee at ten thousand dollars – I shall pay it personally, you understand? Without Guild tax, either.'Several Assassins nonchalantly strolled away from the crowd. Ten thousand untaxed dollars was good money.Downey looked uncomfortable. 'Doctor, I think—''Think? You're not paid to think! Heaven knows where the idiot has got to. I ordered the Guild searched! Why didn't anyone force the door?''Sorry, doctor, Edward left us weeks ago and I didn't think—''You didn't think? What are you paid for?''Never seen him in such a temper,' said Gaspode.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thomas Kinkade Julianne's cottage

Thomas Kinkade Julianne's cottageThomas Kinkade Heather's HutchThomas Kinkade Forest Chapel
'Don't be daft! It's worth at least five dollars a month!'
'Ah,' said Carrot, ticking the book again. 'That'd be inflation, of course. And I expect you've got a cooking pot . . . do you own at least two-and-one-third acres and more than half a cow?'
'All right, all 'We were told—' Colon began.
'According to the Laws and Ordinances of Ankh-Morpork,' said Carrot, 'any residents of the city, in times of the irreparable breakdown of law and order, shall, at the requeft of an officer of the city who is a citizen in good standing – there's a lot of stuff here about property and stuff, and then it goes on – form themfelves into a militia for city defence.'
'What does that mean?' said Angua.right,' said Muldoon. 'It's some kind of joke, right?''I think probably the property qualification can be waived,' said Carrot. 'It says here that it can be waived for a citizen in good standing. Finally, has there been, in your opinion, an irreparable breakdown of law and order in the city?''They turned over Throat Dibbler's barrow and made him eat two of his sausages-inna-bun!''Oh, I say!' said Colon.'Without mustard!''I think we can call that a Yes,' said Carrot. He ticked the page again, and closed the book with a definite snap.'We'd better be going,' he said.