Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Andy Warhol Oxidation

Andy Warhol OxidationAndy Warhol NeuschwansteinAndy Warhol Knives black and white
folded the velvet over the alethiometer and put it into his rucksack. Securing it, he swung his father's heavy cloak around him against the rain and crouched where he was, looking steadily at the two shadows.
"Do you tell the truth?" he said.
"Then are you stronger than human beings, or weaker?"
"Weaker. You have true flesh, we have not. Still, you must come with us."
"No. If I'm and see them more clearly, but the rain filled his eyes.
"Come closer so I can see you," he said.
They approached, but seemed to become even more obscure.
"Shall I see you better in daylight?"
"No, worse. We are not of a high order among angels."stronger, you have to obey me. Besides, I have the knife. So I can command you: help me find Lyra. I don't care how long it takes, I'll find her first and then I'll go to Lord Asriel."The two figures were silent for several seconds. Then they drifted away and spoke together, though Will could hear nothing of what they said.Finally they came close again, and he heard:"Very well. You are making a mistake, though you give us no choice. We shall help you find this child."Will tried to pierce the darkness
"Well, if I can't see you, no one else will, either, so you can stay hidden

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