Monday, February 16, 2009

Guido Reni Cleopatra

Guido Reni CleopatraGuido Reni Reni CharityFrancois Boucher The Setting of the Sun wants to own the future of publishing, and got off to a running start with its Kindle ebook reader, which . Here's how:
1. Screw over customers waiting for new Kindles. Everyone who has ordered and is still waiting for delivery on an old Kindle should be given the opportunity to instead receive a new one at the same price. But they should also be allowed to get an old one if they choose. PREDICTION: I think will get this right.
2. Shaft publishers. Nobody knows what kinds of deals you're offering launched in November, 2007.The new, improved Kindle will almost certainly be announced February 9 and ship a few weeks after. If leaked photos and insider reports are any indication, it appears that the new Kindle will be far more usable and appealing than the first iteration.The company is in a great position to control digital books the way Apple controls digital they could still screw it all up

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