Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sung Kim Escape

Sung Kim Escape
George Stubbs Horse Attacked by a Lion
wiser now. This was a bad place. She ran down the steps and out of the square, making for the bright sunlight of the palm tree boulevard. And as soon as she was sure there was no one looking, she went straight across to the window "All right," said the porter, turning back. "She says go on up. Mind you don't go anywhere else."
"No, I won't," she said demurely, a good little girl doing what she was told.
At the top of the stairs, though, she had a surprise, because just as and through into Will's Oxford. Forty minutes later she was inside the physics building once more, arguing with the porter; but this time she had a trump card."You just ask Dr. Malone," she said sweetly. "That's all you got to do, ask her. She'll tell you."The porter turned to his telephone, and Lyra watched pityingly as he pressed the buttons and spoke into it. They didn't even give him a proper lodge to sit in, like a real Oxford just a big wooden counter, as if it was a shop.

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