Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vincent van Gogh Olive grove I

Vincent van Gogh Olive grove IVincent van Gogh Madhouse garden of St-RemyVincent van Gogh Landscape at Auvers in the Rain
getting on with his spying, and-"
"Why them three symbols?"
"Because I thought the serpent was cunning, like a spy ought to be, and the crucible could mean like sentence, there was an urgent knock at the door, and a young gyptian man came in.
"Beg pardon, Farder Coram, there's Jacob Huismans just come back, and he's sore wounded."
"He was with Benjamin de Ruyter," said Farder Coram. "What's happened?"
"He won't speak," said the young man. "You better come, Farder Coram, 'cause he won't last long, he's a bleeding inside."knowledge, what you kind of distill, and the beehive was hard work, like bees are always working hard; so out of the hard work and the cunning comes the knowledge, see, and that's the spy's job; and I pointed to them and I thought the question in my mind, and the needle stopped at death....D'you think that could be really working, Farder Coram?""It's working all right, Lyra. What we don't know is whether we're reading it right. That's a subtle art. I wonder if-"Before he could finish his

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