Wednesday, March 18, 2009

William Blake The Resurrection

William Blake The ResurrectionWilliam Blake The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with SunWilliam Blake The Descent of ChristWilliam Blake LosWilliam Blake the Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve
'Nanny!' said Magrat, shocked. The Fool gave the terrified, ingratiating rictus of young men everywhere when confronted by importunate elderly women commenting on their intimately personal lives.
The older witches brushed past. The Fool grabbed Magrat's hand.
'I know where we can get a good view,' he said.
She hesitated.
'It's all right,' said the Fool urgently. 'You'll be perfectly safe with me.'
'Yes, I Nanny Ogg waved her bag of walnuts at Granny.
'Want one?' she said.
An alderman of Lancre shuffled past her and pointed politely to the seat on her left.
'Is anyone sitting here?' he said.will, won't I,' said Magrat, trying to look around him to see where the others had gone.'They're staging the play outside, in the big courtyard. We'll get a lovely view from one of the gate towers, and no-one else will be there. I put some wine up there for us, and everything.'When she still looked half-reluctant he added, 'And there's a cistern of water and a fireplace that the guards use sometimes. In case you want to wash your hair.'The castle was full of people standing around in that polite, sheepish way affected by people who see each other all day and are now seeing each other again in unusual social circumstances, like an office party. The witches passed quite unremarked among them and found seats in the rows of benches in the main courtyard, set up before a hastily assembled stage.

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