Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Andreas Achenbach paintings

Andreas Achenbach paintings
Alphonse Maria Mucha paintings
Why, you were going to confide it to M. Bonacieux,” said D’Artagnan in vexation.
“As we confide a letter to the hollow of a tree, to the wing of a pigeon, or the collar of a dog.”
“And yet—you see plainly that I love you.”
“You say so.”
“I am an honourable man.”
“I believe so.”
“I am brave.”
“Oh, I am sure of that.”
“Then put me to the proof.”
“Listen,” said she; “I yield to your protestations, I submit to your assurances. But I swear to you, before God who hears us, that if you betray me, and my enemies pardon me, I will kill myself while accusing you of my death.”
“And I—I swear to you before God, madame,” said D’Artagnan, “that if I am taken while accomplishing the orders you give me, I will die sooner than do anything or say anything that may compromise any one.”

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