Monday, June 9, 2008

Waterhouse Waterhouse Narcissus painting

Waterhouse Waterhouse Narcissus painting
Sargent Two Women Asleep in a Punt under the Willows painting
""I have not been here before."
" "How can you tell me what you know is false?" I cried. "Your very voice changes as you speak. When have I ever had a secret from you? I shall enter that cottage, and I shall probe the matter to the bottom."
""No, no, Jack, for God's sake!" she gasped in uncontrollable emotion. Then, as I approached the door, she seized my sleeve and pulled me back with convulsive strength.
""I implore you not to do this, Jack," she cried. "I swear that I will tell you everything some day, but nothing but misery can come of it if you enter that cottage." Then, as I tried to shake her off, she clung to me in a frenzy of entreaty. Trust me, Jack!" she cried. `Trust me only this once. You will never have cause to regret it. You know that I would not have a secret from you if it were not for your own sake. Our whole lives are at stake
-168-in this. If you come home with me all will be well. If you force your way into that cottage all is over between us."
"There was such earnestness, such despair, in her manner that her words arrested me, and I stood irresolute before the door.

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